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ACE Academy - Ground School

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Idaho 99s Chapter members, Lois Chattin, Katelyn Watson, Sharki Kontra and Cheryl McCord, presented the ACE Academy Ground School--Fly the Plane.

Idaho Division of Aeronautics hosted The ACE Academy in Boise for students on June 24, 2021.

Lois demonstrates the lift of an airplane wing. With a hair dryer and a ping-pong ball, she demonstrates Bernoulli's Principle. The ball floats at a point where the force is equal between the downward force of gravity and the force of the air stream pushing the ball up.

Katelyn (standing) assists with scoring the student exercise to name as many types of pilots as they can.

Sharki presents the Attitude Indicator for the students and explains the axes of the airplane that are measured with the instrument.

The Altimeter discussion is led by Cheryl. The students were eager to explain the function and give the altitude shown on the model altimeter.

Tim Steffen of the Division of Aeronautics wraps up day one for the ACE Academy.


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