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McCall Airport Open House

Thank you to Karin for helping make the June 24, 2023, McCall Airport Open House fun and successful. She helped from early planning to making sure that show day went smoothly to parking her own plane after the event.

Kathy gave a presentation on aviation medicine, her time with the US Air Force, and her continued work to develop the best ejection seats and safety related equipment for pilots with the UK company, Martin-Baker.

Other Idaho 99s at the open house were Mimi, Bev, Sharki and Cheryl.

Miss Montana, the recently restored WWII C-47 from the Museum of Mountain Flying in Missoula flew by and dropped a smokejumper as it did for many years after the war. This historic 1944 C47/DC-3 flew the Idaho backcountry with Johnson Flying Service in Missoula and McCall for many years. After an extensive restoration, Miss Montana joined other historic war planes in 2019 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Normandy.


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