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Girls Aviation Badge Workshop

Idaho 99s presented an aviation badge workshop for the American Heritage Girls Nampa troop on Saturday, March 2, 2024. The group of 25 girls ages 9-12 were attentive for the three hours joining in the discussions and activities on What is Aviation?, Types of Aircraft, The Wright Brothers and Sister Katharine, Early Women Pilots, Idaho Women in Aviation, 4 Forces of Flight, Lift - How Wings Fly, Parts of an Airplane, Flight Controls, and Pitch, Roll and Yaw. To wrap up the workshop, the girls assembled balsa wood airplanes, gathered around to study the handmade airport model, and then practiced flying their airplanes. Idaho 99s workshop presenters were Mollie O'Marah, Joanne Dewey, Jodi Riley, Sharki Kontra, Kathy Hughes, Dia Terese, Karin Didisse, and Cheryl McCord.

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