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Idaho's Mammoth Cave

Since the Jerome Farmers Market flying event had to be canceled due to strong

winds, this was an impromptu flying trip to a most interesting destination on Sunday, Oct 10, 2021.

Idaho's Mammoth Cave and Bird Museum is north of Shoshone, Idaho.

Dave T flew is plane with Mimi to Gooding KGNG. Bill and Cheryl met them there. The airport courtesy car was convenient for the 25-mile drive to the site north of Shoshone.

The cave site is in the lava flows and sagebrush north of Shoshone. It is a huge lava tube that extends nearly a mile and a half with an accessible trail in about a quarter of a mile.

Emus and peacocks welcome visitors.

Trail to cave.

Cave entrance.

Inside the cave lit by LED lanterns given to visitors.

This only a sampling of the reptiles, animals, rocks, fossils, artifacts and collectibles in the huge, circular museum. Much of the taxidermy and collecting was done by the founder of the museum.

It is well worth a trip and would be especially interesting for kids.

A stop in Shoshone at the Snack Bar for burgers, fries and shakes was a great culmination to the outing.

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