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Idaho 99s Women Pilots Visit Elaine McCalley, Idaho Pioneer in Aviation

Updated: Jun 11

Idaho 99s flew to Mountain Home (U76) on Saturday, March 16, 2024, to visit Elaine McCalley who was the fourth woman pilot in Idaho. Elaine earned her Private Pilots License in 1939 in Boise. Shortly thereafter, Elaine became the first Idaho woman pilot to hold the Limited Commercial rating.

It was an amazing day with Elaine and Idaho 99s. We were truly living the mission of The Ninety-Nines Organization of Women Pilots - ". . . mutual support while honoring our unique history and sharing our passion for flight."

Six planes piloted by Idaho 99s arrived with 12 members, two 49 1/2s, and our youngest future 99. It was a gorgeous flying day and perfect for refreshing our skills after a long, wet, windy winter. We celebrated Brenda's successful Instrument checkride. We got to know our newest member, Jamie and her daughter. And Elaine told more about early aviation in Idaho, and we learned how her achievements and advocacy for aviation in Idaho and the Northwest paved the way for us and many others.

Those attending were: (standing) Kathy, Mimi, Joanne, Cindy, Brenda, Sylvia, Karin; (front) Jamie and her daughter, Elaine McCalley, and Cheryl. Bill and Paul and Val, Elaine's daughter, also joined us. Thanks to Mountain Home Airport Manager, Tom Hoegg, for making the FBO and courtesy car available.

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