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ACE Academy - Flying Day

Samantha smiles proudly after getting to fly the plane in the first legs of the flight from Boise to Garden Valley.

For the last day of the ACE Academy hosted by the Idaho Division of Aeronautics, local pilots volunteered to fly the students to the backcountry and to the Warhawk Museum in Nampa.

Janna Greenhalgh and Samantha relax at Garden Valley.

Lisa Allen arrived early at the new Idaho Division of Aeronautics hangar with her Scout.

Sharki awaits students for the flight.

A very happy ACE Academy student flies with Sharki in the Cessna 172.

Bill explains the pre-flight of the Cessna 185 before taking off with the students on the flight to Smith Prairie and Garden Valley.

Lisa's Scout is the background of this photo of her and Sharki after arriving at the Nampa Airport and leaving the students for a tour of the Warhawk Museum in Nampa.

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