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ACE Academy 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Once again the Idaho 99s partnered with the Idaho Division of Aeronautics for the 2022 ACE Academy. The ACE Academy celebrated 30 years. This year the program brought together 24 students ages 13-18 for three days of immersion in aviation at the Boise Airport and the Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa.

A team of Idaho 99s organized and presented the session, "Flying the Plane" on the afternoon of June 23. Lois, Alana, Cindy, Kaitlyn, Sharki, Mollie, and Cheryl all pitched in for a fun learning experience on the parts of the plane, how the plane flies, and an introduction to the six pack of flight instruments.

On Friday, June 24, the students were all taken on flights by volunteer pilots into two backcountry airstrips and on to the Nampa airport for their tour of the Warhawk Air Museum. Stacey, Sharki, and Cheryl and Bill volunteered to help make the flights possible and were awarded certificates by Tammy Schoen of the Division of Aeronautics for being a part of the ACE Academy team over the years.

At the Nampa airport, a couple of students stopped for a brief visit at Aero Services maintenance shop. They met with Zach, a former ACE Academy student who just completed the Aircraft Inspection certification.

A few days after the Academy, Sharki received a special letter of deep appreciation from Moss, a student who flew with her. She said it was the first time in all of the years that she received a letter from one of the students.

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