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Member Sketches

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Member Sketches
Amanda Ybarra 2 crop.jpg

Amanda Ybarra

Transfer Member - 2022

Amanda moved to McCall in November and her instrument training has been on the back burner as she settles into a new job and builds funding for more flying.  She is seeking a CFI and is excited to get back into flying and into the community of women who have the same interests.


Amanda answers a few introductory questions:

  1. What got you interested in aviation?

  • My dad gave me an intro flight for my birthday one year.I had no desire to fly until I took the flight. I had so much fun and loved it.I kept thinking about it for about a year after. I couldn’t resist any longer and jumped right into my PPL.

  1. How many years in the air?

  • 3 amazing years!

  1. Current Ratings?

  • PPL, working on my Instrument!

  1. Best, funniest, most interesting aviation story or experience?

  •  It was on a night flight into Pocatello (KPIH) runway 17 which is out in the boonies and is pitch black all around! As I started my flare, a turkey ran right in front of the plane.Luckily, I was able to do a smooth go around. For a second, I thought it could it got so close to my prop!Was I grateful turkeys couldn’t fly that night!

  1. Why the 99s?

  • I joined the Eastern Idaho 99s Chapter as soon as I started flight training in Pocatello, I loved the chapter. The ladies were so warm and welcoming. It was hard being only 1 of 6 student pilots in Pocatello, so meeting with the ladies in Idaho Falls once a month was a breath of fresh air. I hope to find that with the Idaho 99s Chapter as well!

  1. How did you find the Idaho Chapter?

  • I came from the Eastern Idaho 99s Chapter, so I just signed up again now that I’m in McCall!

Lisa Nov2021 crop.jpg

Lisa Martin

New Member - Nov 2021

I have been wanting to become a member for some time now and actually found you guys when I was applying for scholarships to start my training.  I love that there is a place I can connect with other women pilots!!  I am new to it all but I feel like anytime I go to an event or gathering I am one of the few ladies that are there (that are pilots) its crazy to me!

I have finished my private and am currently working on instrument and commercial.  I plan to go for the CFII and on from there.  I love teaching, outreach and networking.  I currently teach during the day and fly anytime I can!!!


Maguire Wardle

New Member - April 2021

Aviation Path:  My dad was an airline pilot.  Instead of vet school, I chose aviation.  I have been flying for two years and have my private pilot certificate and currently working on my instrument rating.

Most interesting aviation experience:  I was cut off by a B17.  It was awesome!

Why a 99?  I heard the group was very active and supportive, and I wanted to be a part of the success and growth of women in aviation.


Jennifer Steffen

New Member - April 2021

Aviation Path:  I've loved aviation since I can remember.  Flying to SeaTac to visit relatives when I was young seemed like the best theme park ride!  I took a few glider lessons in Eastern Washington as a teenager.  I have been a private pilot since 2005 and am working on my instrument rating.

Best aviation story:  I began lessons when my husband and I were stationed at Osan Air Base in South Korea.  Several times I had to hold for a U2 or the A10s.  I got to fly in formation with them. :-)  I passed my checkride at six months pregnant with my oldest daughter.

Why a 99?  Women in aviaiton!  Why not? :-)


Mimi Steel

New Member - May 2021

Mimi moved from California this spring.  She immediately sought out people and opportunities in the aviation community.  Mimi re-joined the International 99s and became a member with the Idaho 99s because it is an active flying group.  Her Citabria will be with her soon so she can experience flying with us in Idaho.

Amanda Ybarra 1 crop.jpg
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