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  • March 2018-Click on link to open: March 2018 Newsletter

  • Updates From Mary Ann Richards:

    Former Chairman, Mary Ann Richards and husband, Steve, are making 2018 a great travel year. Somehow they managed to sneak away from their dairy and find adventures elsewhere.

  • In January, their Jaguar took them to the rather famous Cowboy Poetry gathering in Elko, Nevada. While there, they saw their first ice fishermen!!
  • In February, their Suburban brought them to a Nevada St. Valentine's night out.
  • Steve wrote that the Suburban carried them to Driggs, Idaho in March. They had dinner at the airport cafe, which is right on the airport proper. It was surprisingly upscale and they departed with less than a $50 bill even with a 20% tip! Their R.O.N. accommodations offered a great breakfast with leftovers to take home. Steve spent 6 runs on the ski hill with a lot of other families for company, while Mary Ann took care of the window shopping and stops at coffee shops. They took home memories of the critters they saw along the way: buffalo, bald eagle, sandhill crane, and pronghorn antelope.
  • In April, these two escaped to Kelowna, British Columbia via the Jaguar to a dinner theatre.

  • Their latest excursion sounds like the most fun. On Cinco de Mayo they flew "over the wall" into Mexico from Tucson, Arizona. We'll have to keep an eye on these two. They're setting the bar pretty high for the rest of us.

    Message from our Idaho 99s Chapter Chair:

    I am Brenda Carter (Bj), Chapter Chair of the Idaho Chapter of Ninety-nines. Contact info: 208.230.5348. email: bjcarter88[a]

    The energy for the Idaho 99s is wonderful. You just can’t help getting caught up in flying and and 99 activities. We have been encouraging at meetings to participate in section meetings and attending international meetings. It is a great way to network with women pilots. It is inspiring, as well.

    International wanted me to confirm with you the details of your membership on the directory website. If you have a chance, please go out there and take a look and make sure all your information is current.The Ninety-Nines International Headquarters


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    From the NW 99s section:

  • Northwest Section 99s newsletter is now available online. Click on link to go to latest newsletter: Northwest 99s newsletter

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