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September 18, 2018 meeting Notes-From BJ

A nice potluck meeting was held at the EAA building in Nampa. Seven members attended.

Karen Didisee had a suggestion about mentors. She said that the scholarship winners receive mentors, but the non-winners do not. Cheryl McCord and Stacey Budell both told her she could call on them anytime. I am thinking that is true of our membership. We do have many members now who are working many ratings. I think it would be great if a member would be willing to match up with someone who is working towards a rating or is just flying and wanted to bend someone’s ear. Please contact me with your suggestions/ideas. We can start networking in many ways.

Lois took notes for the meeting and will be sending them to Susan Harper, our newsletter chair, and Pat Jenkins, our chapter secretary.

Ashely Taylor will be our scholarship chair as Alana Erickson has stepped down. I cannot say thank you enough to Alana for her wonderful help with our scholarship applicants. Welcome aboard, Ashley.

A Girls’ Scout Stem program coordinator requested our chapter assist in the girls obtaining the aviation badge. Cheryl and Stacey volunteered to contact the group.

Cheryl is looking into a possible flying activity to Jerome in October.

Sherry Kandle and Cheryl are reviewing and revising our bylaws.

Cindy Repp just transferred from the Intermountain chapter and joined us. She is gearing up to be an active member in our group.

Lois has set up VENMO for the members who want to pay chapter dues online.

The International 99s are gearing up to celebrate out 90th year. More information may be found in the Straight and Level email that is sent out by the international group.

Some chapter members are exploring the opportunity to host the Air Race Classic terminus in 2021. They have been setting up the ground work. Right now, we are working on everyone being in the loop and presenting it to chapter members. We could be the sponsoring organization.

We will have our next meeting the third Tuesday in October. Location and time will be announced. BJ

Scholarship Opportunities

  • and of course best of all:
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  • From International:
  • **Let’s Fly project--ideas for our chapter for the 90th Anniversary of the 99s. The 90th anniversary of The Ninety-Nines is but a year away. 99s are planning to have "Let's Fly Now" events across the U.S. for November 2, 2019 to celebrate the 90th Anniversary. If you have ideas, please email anyone on the International Board: Board Members

    **Let's Fly Now! — The 99s New Initiative for Women of Flying Age--Join us for a webinar on October 22, 2018 at 6:00 PM PDT. In this webinar, participants will discover what the Let's Fly Now! Program is. They will learn about the Nuts and Bolts for planning a successful event. They will learn why The 99s are introducing this new program and how Let's Fly Now! will inspire a new generation of pilots and help grow our organization. Register Now!

    **Introduction to Bylaws Modernization — Join us for a webinar on September 10, 2018 at 6:00 PM PDT. Register Now!

    Chapter Dues

    Yes, our new fiscal year has started and that means yearly chapter dues of $10 are due again. You may send cash or a check to:

    Lois Chattin (make check payable to the Idaho Ninety Nines

    5080 N Wildrye Dr

    Boise, ID 83703

    wait about a month and pay online. I am currently setting up a system with our bank to pay directly into our account online. Unfortunately, I leave on July 8th for a month and won't be back until Aug 4. So if you'd like to try out the new online payment system, wait a month or so. I think it will be a great convenience once we get it up and rolling.

    Thanks, Lois Chattin Treasurer

    Thank you to the following people who have already paid their dues for the 2018-19 fiscal year:

  • Elaine Hitchcock
  • Luann Lyon
  • Cheryl McCord
  • Mary Ann Richards
  • Message from our Idaho 99s Chapter Chair:

    I am Brenda Carter (Bj), Chapter Chair of the Idaho Chapter of Ninety-nines. Contact info: 208.230.5348. email: bjcarter88[a]

    The energy for the Idaho 99s is wonderful. You just can’t help getting caught up in flying and and 99 activities. We have been encouraging at meetings to participate in section meetings and attending international meetings. It is a great way to network with women pilots. It is inspiring, as well.

    International wanted me to confirm with you the details of your membership on the directory website. If you have a chance, please go out there and take a look and make sure all your information is current.The Ninety-Nines International Headquarters


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