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  • Message from our Idaho 99s Chapter Chair:

    I am Brenda Carter (Bj), Chapter Chair of the Idaho Chapter of Ninety-nines. Contact info: 208.230.5348. email: bjcarter88[a]

    Our chapter has picked up many new members. Members that are finishing their new private pilot license, completing their private pilot license that they started many years ago, and working towards advanced ratings. It is a very exciting time for us. There is wonderful energy for flying, Compass rose completions, and education for Flying such as iCloud, Foreflight, and Tower communications.
    We have our own Facebook page, Idaho 99s, which is the way we are trying to communicate about network flying. Our idea is to put out on the Facebook page stating we are going to fly somewhere and then see who wants to join that specific day and/or if you we have an open seat for someone. We are waiting for the weather to break to start this. This is exciting. Members are looking forward to this networking.
    We are planning a flying companion seminar this April. Our group is excited about presenting this. We had a great turn out last year and are hoping for the same this year.
    We meet on Sundays for Flying companion seminar organizational meetings. We have had a good turnout for a monthly meeting on a weekday evening. This seems to be working for us.
    Many of our members are busy applying for scholarships. This is exciting for us as well. We have had some members awarded International 99s scholarships recently. We also have members applying for the northwest section scholarship.
    The energy for the Idaho 99s is wonderful. You just can’t help getting caught up in flying and and 99 activities. We have been encouraging at meetings to participate in section meetings and attending international meetings. It is a great way to network with women pilots. It is inspiring, as well.

    International wanted me to confirm with you the details of your membership on the directory website. If you have a chance, please go out there and take a look and make sure all your information is current.The Ninety-Nines International Headquarters


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