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    Planning for 2019 Fly In Events--our agenda is set for all Saturday Fly In Meetings.

    Plan to Arrive between 10-11am--Mark your Calendars!

  • July 13 Idaho City
  • August 22-25 Richland, WA NW Section Meeting
  • September 7 Joseph, OR
  • October 5 Garden Valley Picnic/Potluck
  • November 7 Membership Drive Meeting 6pm Home of Stacey Budell 116 S KCID RD Caldwell Potluck--Bring Guests
  • December XMAS Party TBA
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  • From International:
  • **Let’s Fly project--ideas for our chapter for the 90th Anniversary of the 99s. The 90th anniversary of The Ninety-Nines is but a year away. 99s are planning to have "Let's Fly Now" events across the U.S. for November 2, 2019 to celebrate the 90th Anniversary. If you have ideas, please email anyone on the International Board: Board Members

    **Let's Fly Now! — The 99s New Initiative for Women of Flying Age--Join us for a webinar on October 22, 2018 at 6:00 PM PDT. In this webinar, participants will discover what the Let's Fly Now! Program is. They will learn about the Nuts and Bolts for planning a successful event. They will learn why The 99s are introducing this new program and how Let's Fly Now! will inspire a new generation of pilots and help grow our organization. Register Now!


    The International 99s are gearing up to celebrate out 90th year. More information may be found in the Straight and Level email that is sent out by the international group.

    Scholarship Opportunities

  • and of course best of all:
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    From the NW 99s section:

  • Northwest Section 99s newsletter is now available online. Click on link to go to latest newsletter: Northwest 99s newsletter

  • Our newsletter has been out of print for a period of time and we are excited to share its rebirth with you. We encourage all members to feel free to contribute content going forward. To submit an article or feedback, please contact Newsletter Editor Miranda Edwards at miranda.m.edwards[a]