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---------- NOTAMS Of UPCOMING EVENTS----------

    2019 CALENDAR

  • Upcoming Christmas Party!: December 7th,Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon, 1996 Main Street.

  • Hello Ladies,

    It's time to put on your gay apparel. The Christmas party is less than a month away! The party is scheduled on December 7, 2019.

    This year we are going back to the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon. The address is 1996 Main Street, and the telephone number for your reservations is 541-523-1889. Do call and make your own reservations, but let me know how many of you there are going to be. I need a headcount for the dinner table. We will be dining in the Library again, so we will have a private room. Dinner will be about $40 per person and you will have to pay me because I have to pay for everyone with one check or credit card charge.

    Dinner entree choices will be teriyaki chicken or prime rib. The usual salad, sides, and rolls will accompany. The dessert, Christmas Cheesecake, will be an extra charge.

    The rooms for 2 start at $149, and there is a suite that sleeps 6 that is $315. That seems quite reasonable. The rooms on the west side of the hotel with a view of the mountains are more expensive than the rooms looking east over the parking lot. The rooms themselves are very lovely. The hotel is very well named, it is a grand building. Oh! There is a very nice bar attached on the main floor which is accessible from the street and the lobby.

    So, bring your finery and have an enjoyable evening with the 99s in the lovely Geiser Grand Hotel.

    Pat Jenkins, your Christmas Elf, please RSVP me at pjwoodstock[at] OR 541-493-2420


    Minutes from October Chapter Meeting-Stacey Budell reporting

    The October Meeting 10/05 was called to order at 9:22 am. In attendance:

  • New member Mikelle Elliott helicopter pilot
  • Stacey Budell
  • Karin Didisse
  • Cheryl McCord
  • Mikelle
  • Mary Ann Richards
  • Brenda LaMont
  • Cindy Repp
  • Cheryl was recently in a car accident but came to the meeting anyway! way to go Cheryl! She also won the 1 hour dual for her BFR coming soon

    Brenda agreed to make sure our form 990-N was completed and sent to International before the 10-15 deadline

    A call for more photos to be sent to Elizabeth Harris for our Facebook page was made

    Everyone please be working on a short BIO on yourself to share with everyone at the Nov Meeting, basically a short info page that you can share with all the other members about who you are and what you do besides flying and coming to our meetings when able. Its really about networking together and getting to know each other better on and off airport.

    The Division of Aeronautics has asked us all to make sure that our 406 ELT's are Registered with them. We are also on the agenda to have a work party this next year at Smith Prairie again. Its been a few years since we helped maintain it by fixing fence, filling in gopher holes, cleaning the fire pit and bathroom.

    Congratulations to Karin D for winning the NW Section Scholarship to help with her flight training! It was announced that there will be more funds available for the Northwest Section Scholarship so please apply.

    Pat Jenkins to announce the Christmas Party Details for our December Meeting.

    Spring Board Meeting of NW Section will be April 3-5 at KUAO Aurora State. There will be rides to the hotel we will be staying at in Wilsonville. I encourage all of our member to Please plan to attend and have a strong showing of Idaho Chapter members present for our board meeting. Let's caravan our airplanes it will be so much fun. If one stops we can all stop along the way. Its about 280 nm from Caldwell, its class d airspace with a 5003' x 100' runway, no big deal.

    Stacey B again participated as a Back Country Instructor for the Awesome Woman Wise Adventures in Cascade this year, flying students from around the US into Smiley Creek where we ran the antelope off the runway the first day and witnessed a momma bear and her 2 cubs charging down the runway as the antelope were laying down on the other end of the runway. Garden Valley, Idaho City and Stanley were also on the list and were in great shape.

    Stacey met up with Governor Patty Mitchell in Seattle to celebrate the Greater Seattle Chapters 50th Birthday Party held at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field. It was a Great Success and a wonderful time spent viewing the aircraft displays, what a great place to spend a day! Highly recommended tour if you haven't been. All our thoughts and Prayers have been working for Patty. It seems the doctors didn't know who they were messing with when they told her she would not be beating this. She is doing great and still on some maintenance of treatment but her will is strong and attitude is great.

    Also noted that the China Chapter is having their first meeting Nov 8-10. The meeting was adjourned at 10:09 with some flights to Garden Valley

  • From Susan:

  • Just a tid-bit I found and wanted to share….

    “Have I mentioned that since Sun ‘n Fun 2019, in addition to membership (on steroids) in LadiesLoveTaildraggers, I’m now also officially a member of the Ninety Nines? This women’s flying organization does much to encourage more women to fly and I’m behind that mission 100%. I’ve discovered that one of the many benefits to membership is being included in a group email where members promote local and national aviation events, suggest educational opportunities, post news that’s near and dear to their hearts and more. It’s because of one email from Marion Nauman with the Columbia Cascades 99s, …”

    Thank you Marion. Judy Birchler is the founder and President of the Ladies Love Taildraggers and joined the 99s in Indiana.

  • From Brenda LaMott:

  • I found a free app that works on a browser (regular computer), apple devices, and android devices. It allows you to create an event and share it with others so they can either register their vehicle and # of empty seats or call dibs on a seat in a listed vehicle. It was super-easy to create the event and add my plane. Right now my back seat is out but if I get it in this week the app makes it easy to edit my "car". Perhaps we can try it out for our upcoming meetings. Please consider clicking the link and adding your plane, /time/location of departure, and how many you can take with you. Here's the link to our event: Group CarPool

    Remaing 2019 CALENDAR

  • December XMAS Party TBA
  • Cheryl McCord has been jumping right in with the Girl Scouts and talked to us about the SHETECH, which sounds like the girls in the STEM program may earn a badge for Aviation.



  • From International:
  • **Let’s Fly project--ideas for our chapter for the 90th Anniversary of the 99s. The 90th anniversary of The Ninety-Nines is but a year away. 99s are planning to have "Let's Fly Now" events across the U.S. for November 2, 2019 to celebrate the 90th Anniversary. If you have ideas, please email anyone on the International Board: Board Members

    The International 99s are gearing up to celebrate out 90th year. More information may be found in the Straight and Level email that is sent out by the international group.

    ----------FUTURE NOTAMS----------

  • December XMAS Party TBA
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    ----------NW Section Events/International News----------

  • Spring Board of Directors NW Section Meeting will be April 3-5 at KUAO Aurora State.
  • contact Stacey Budell for details. 208-880-4244

    International Conferences
  • July 8-12, 2020 - Long Beach, California