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---------- NOTAMS Of UPCOMING EVENTS----------


  • Next Chapter meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 7th at 6pm. It will be located at Stewart’s Bar & Grill, 2805 Blaine St, Caldwell, ID.

  • For discussion will be the Idaho T-shirts proposed by Kelli Taylor.

  • June 13–15, 2018 – Aviation Career Exploration (ACE) Academy focuses on Teens

  • ACE Academy Summer Camp, Multiple locations. Click on following link for Flyer: Flyer-2018 ACE Academy

    Teachers & Parents also Encouraged to Participate on Opening Day of ACE

    Presented by the Idaho Division of Aeronautics and its many wonderful partners, the Aerospace Career Exploration (ACE) Academy is a summer program designed to introduce 13- to 18-year olds to the myriad careers available in the aviation and space industries.

    ACE Academy engages participants through STEM-related experiential activities and field trips to facilities such as air traffic control towers, flight schools and aerospace businesses, college aviation programs, military aviation bases, and more. Other activities may include seminars on aerospace careers, as well as experiences with hands-on labs, drones, and in some cases, even a flight in a small airplane.

    While ACE Academy focuses on teenagers, research has shown that parents and teachers may experience anxiety about science, engineering, technology, and math subjects. Research also has shown that parents are receptive to instruction on how to engage with their children in STEM learning activities, and that teachers need to experience the same engaging learning environments and practices as their students. Thus, parents and teachers are invited to participate alongside ACE teens on opening day, June 13th.

    Enrollment is limited, with tuition used to offset some of the costs. Limited scholarship assistance may be available for qualifying teenagers.

    Support for this regional network of ACE Academies is being provided by the Idaho Division of Aeronautics, Boise State University College of Engineering, NASA Idaho Space Grant Consortium, Idaho STEM Action Center, Idaho Aviation Association, Idaho Aviation Foundation, Albertsons, and others.

    Go to website for further information: Ace Academy

  • AOPA Missoula Fly-In, June 15-16 and flying and tour events on 17th.

  • Click on following link for more information: AOPA Missoula Fly-In
  • May 10-12, 2018 (on HOLD)---Intermountain chapter 99s Lewiston Compass Rose--It looks like they will be for sure painting the 12th

  • please contact BJ Carter to let her know you will be there. 208-230-5348 or Bjcarter88[at]

    ----------FUTURE NOTAMS----------

  • June 27–July 1, 2018 – WWAA (Woman Wise AWEsome Adventures) Golden Age of Aviation Within

  • Click on following link for Flyer:Flyer-2018 WWAA
  • Recent AOPA article on WWAA: AOPA article on WWAA
  • WWAA YouTube video!: WWAA video

  • It is big fun and the learning is beyond amazing. Plus you get a WINGS full flight review so that’s cool too. Participants can fly their own plane and get instruction in that or use the instructors. There will be a variety of nose and tailwheel aircraft available. Plus Cammie’s Gyro!! AND paragliding this year. What more could you ask for?


    ----------NW Section Events/International News----------

  • Air Race Classic – June 19-22, 2018
  • Go to link for details: Air Race Classic
  • International Ninety-Nines Convention - Philadelphia, July 3 -7, 2018
  • NW Section Meeting September Idaho Falls
  • contact Sandy Storhok eastern Idaho Chapter 208.529.3765 (Our chapter is to assist. We will be receiving our assignments)